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Yard Service On Demand is the #1 app to find high-quality, reliable local landscaping services at affordable prices.

Why Our Customers Choose Us:

Professional Teams

Our easy-to-use app connects you with professional service providers for quoting, scheduling, and completing your landscaping job in the timeliest and most efficient manner.

Competitive Pricing

Our satellite-enabled quoting system makes sure that you get accurate, flat-rate pricing for every job. No more back-and-forth haggling with landscapers.

Easy Scheduling

YSOD works like a rideshare service - as soon as you submit your job, the closest professional will be notified and dispatched to clean up your property.


Ever since we started our hardscape business back in 2013, we’ve always tried to make things easier for our clients. And the most common complaint we hear from customers in our industry is that landscapers aren’t reliable. With the advent of the sharing economy – we came up with a solution to ensure homeowners receive timely & reliable landscaping services. We’ve gathered our collective industry experience, a local Arizona programming team, and some of the best landscapers around to bring you Yard Service on Demand – an easy solution for all your landscaping needs!

How It Works

Download the YSOD App from the App Store

Sign Up with your Phone #, Address, and Property Details

Get an Instant Quote for Service

Sounds easy, right?

Start with step one:


What Our Clients Say


YSOD operates just like the rideshare apps you’re already using!


1) Download our iOS or Android app
2) Enter your Mobile Phone Number
3) Enter the one-time 4-digit passcode to sign in
4) Enter your address & measure the green areas of your lawn with our custom GPS tool
5) Enter Number of Trees & Bushes
6) Enter Payment Details
6) Wait for your Job to be Accepted
7) Enjoy your Freshly Manicured Yard!

Every professional service provider is required to carry their own insurance.

We are not currently offering infrastructure services at this time. Our app allows you to write in notes for the landscape provider and you can always call through the app to provide additional instructions for things that need special attention such as tree trimming (must be accessible from the ground), trimming bushes a certain way, or lawn trimming directions.

YSOD landscapers may trim palms from the ground but must not exceed 15’ in height and not require a ladder.

Tree removal is not available through the app at this time.

Yes, each landscape professional has their own method and the standard practice is to use a weed trimmer.

Yes, we verify that each service provider has valid insurance coverage.

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